Plans & pricing for business owners


Unlimited coupons, sites, purchases and signups

$1 Setup Fee

15% + $0.70 for Prepaid Coupons

One option is to create, spread and redeem “Prepaid coupons” allowing customers to pay for the coupon online, in advance and present the coupon at your business, just like other daily deals sites. The difference - We only take a very small commission from the final coupon price

Why & when to use prepaid coupons

Prepaid coupons are great when you give a sizeable discount (25% and up) for a very limited time. and you want clients to commit in advance to ensure they’ll come in and use it

For example:

Buy X now for $150 instead of $200
Pay $5 now, get $15 off any purchase

Pro Tip
These coupons are harder to sell but if you create enough value you can win them over

And / Or

Free Signup Coupons

Another option is to create a free “Signup coupon” allowing customers to sign up for the coupon for free, paying upon redemption directly to your business. With this option - No commission, just a small fee.

We count all monthly signups and charge you accordingly :


per customer signing up to a “signup coupon”

Why & when to use signup coupons

Sign up coupons are great when you want to give a discount they won’t buy in advance
For example:
10% off dessert when buying lunch
1+1 on any beer afer 9 pm

It’s also great when you want a lot of people to sign up for a small 5-10% discount..

Pro Tip
It’s amazing for growing your mailing list
and is the perferct coupon for e-commerce